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Are you looking for a BASIX certificate for your next project in NSW?

At Certified Energy we take pride in helping our clients and their projects reach their full potential. We ensure maximum savings and minimum energy use, thereby allowing for cost effective yet sustainable solutions. If you would like to apply for a BASIX certificate, please read the detailed description below. You can also call us at 1300 443 674 where our dedicated staff will be happy to help you.

What is a BASIX certificate?

BASIX stands for the Building Sustainability Index and aims to accommodate NSW with more resilient dwellings through reducing greenhouse gases and water consumption.Obtaining a BASIX certificate means your residential building will have passed the NSW Government’s environmental targets. As well as contributing to a sustainable future of urban planning, you as the homeowner will also financially benefit through reduced water and energy bills.

The performance targets set by the NSW Government include:

A per capita basis is used to measure the benchmarks for water and energy:













BASIX Benchmarks:
To determine water and energy targets, the average benchmark for per person consumption of potable water and greenhouse gas emissions within the NSW residential sector is calculated.

  • Water – the NSW benchmark per person is 90,340 litres per year.
  • Energy – the NSW benchmark per person is 3,292 kg of CO2-e per year.

BASIX Targets:
While general figures are used to represent the whole of NSW, variations are also implemented to reflect regional climate areas, maintaining parity throughout NSW without certain regions being charged excessively.

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The development application stage of every new residential dwelling built in NSW of $50,000 or more require a BASIX certificate. Residential dwellings include:

  • Single dwellings
  • Dual-occupancy dwellings
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • Low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise multi unit developments
  • Boarding houses
  • Guest houses
  • Hostels
  • Lodging houses
  • Backpacker accommodation
  • Multi-unit developments
  • Swimming pools and/or outdoor spa with water capacity greater than or equal to 40,000 litres or 40 kilolitres.

Additionally, alterations and add-ons to existing dwellings which cost greater than $50,000 also require a BASIX certificate.

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Aggregated energy efficiency ratings cannot be used for the assessment of a project containing more than one dwelling as each component of the development must pass a minimum level of energy and water efficiency.As such, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation (EP&A) state that an additional BASIX certificate is required if the proposed project involves the alteration, enlargement or extension of a BASIX building containing more than one dwelling.

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To assess the BASIX certificate, you can use the online Assessment Tool which will determine the sustainability of your development application. The assessment tool analyses data of the proposed dwelling’s design against the NSW Government’s water and energy targets. A BASIX certificate is issued upon meeting the BASIX target requirements and paying a fee.
The overall cost of BASIX certification includes the required costs of the BASIX certificate as well as the cost of assessment. The cost of the assessment varies depending on the size and difficulty of the project. 

If your project does not require simulation:
The cost can range from $200-$350, inclusive of  GST and government disbursements which vary depending on the size of the project.

If your project requires simulation:
Usually an hourly fee of $100 is charged depending on the number of hours required to complete a project. Single dwellings take approximately 4 hours to complete and therefore cost approximately $400. This is in addition to the cost of the BASIX certificate and government disbursements.

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There are various circumstances where BASIX fails to meet the thermal modelling capabilities of NatHERS. BASIX specifies each component of a house individually, whereas NatHERS does not. This makes using BASIX alone difficult as the ‘rapid method’ of assessment jumps to solutions such as expensive windows or shading devices, impacting costs and aesthetics. For example, BASIX may specify higher performance glazing such as double glazing, however, NatHERS has the ability to compensate elsewhere, for example increasing the insulation to avoid the expense of high performing windows. This makes the use of both BASIX and NatHERS much more cost effective in terms of construction as well as continual energy expenses.

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In order to change your BASIX certificate commitments after the construction or complying development certificate has been issued, you will need to revise your BASIX certificate in addition to applying for new construction or complying development certificates. To get a quote for a BASIX certificate on your project please click here.


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